Sun Yangyang



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by appointment



Highest Degree

MA, Middlesex Univ.



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About me

I started out studying Interpreting. Now I'm trying to branch out by applying contrastive linguistics to the study of Chinese-English interpretation. I teach Interpreting at China Pharmaceutical University (CPU), in the Foreign Languages Department (FLD). I’m also a freelance simultaneous & consecutive interpreter.

Research expertise

Corpus and Computational Linguistics;



Conference Interpreting;

Cognitive Psychology and Interpreting.

Selected Publications

2014, 翻译中的语篇规范问题:说服性标记语 [On the Issue of Norms in Translating: Persuasive Markers], 现代外语[Modern Foreign Languages], Vol.37 No.3, p.410-419+439

2014, 对赛珍珠的再思考 [Rethinking of Pearl S. Buck],暨南学报(哲学社会科学版)[Jinan Journal(Philosophy & Social Science Edition)], 2014:09, p.102-110+162

2014, 译者中译英语言特征差异之探讨 [The Difference of Language Features among Translators in Chinese into English Translation],中国外语教育[Foreign Language Education in China], Vol. 7 No. 1, p.61-69

2015, MT的正负解构效应 [MT: Positive and Negative Impacts],外语研究[Foreign Languages Research], 2015:01, p.82-86

2016, 双语学童声韵意识及构词意识与认字能力比较研究 [Predictors of Chinese English Biliteracy: Phonological and Morphological Awareness in Two Languages],语言科学[Linguistic Sciences], Vol.15 No.2, p.199-211

2017, 认知边缘之文学秘密—德里达与莫里森[Edge of Knowledge - Literary Secrecy between Jacques Derrida and Toni Morrison], 外国文学[Foreign Literature], 2017:05, p.89-97

2017, 新媒体视野中的媒介式文学分析[An Analysis of Media Literature in the View of New Media], 外国文学动态研究[New Perspectives on World Literature], 2017:04, p.23-33

2017, 西方汉学定位问题:以《孝经》翻译为例[Defining Western SinologyAn Example of Translations of the Xiaojing], 解放军外国语学院学报[Journal of PLA University of Foreign Languages], 2017:06, p.70-77

Honours and Awards

Dec. 2011, The 17th China Daily "21st Century Cup" National English Speaking Competition Jiangsu Final, First Prize (Tutor)

Jun. 2013, FLTRP·DANGDANGWANG CUP National English DebatingCompetition, Excellent Judge