Liu Jiang

Jiang Liu

 Associate Professor


Visiting Scholar, Georgia State University (Atlanta, USA), Aug. 2016-Aug. 2017

Ph.D. Candidate, University of International Business and Economics (Beijing, China), 2013-now

M.A., Southwest University (Chongqing, China), 2008


Auto/Biography Study, Narratology, Cultural Study


Associate Professor Liu is particularly interested in auto/biography, narratology, and culture. Much of his scholarly work has focused on autobiographical narrative and cultural study. He examines ways that autobiographers build their identities in their life writings. He calls for a new appraisal of literature, a form of cultural capital, in promoting and extending national soft power.

In addition to literary and cultural studies, Associate Professor Liu teaches a wide array of courses ranging from Advanced English, College English, and writing to listening. Throughout his ten-year career at China Pharmaceutical University, he has been working persistently to expand the course offerings in reading, composition, rhetoric, and professional development. Additionally, he is a strong advocate of student-centered learning methodology and works diligently to provide professional and academic development for students of English.

Associate Professor Liu has authored one monograph, Autobiography Narrative and Identity Metaphor (2017), and more than 20 academic papers, among which seven have been published in the CSSCI-indexed or key journals. His work has appeared in Foreign Literature, Foreign Languages and Their Teaching, Jianghuai Tribune, Foreign Languages and Literature, Journal of Tianjin Foreign Studies University, Contemporary Foreign Languages Studies, Journal of Zhejiang Normal University, Commercial Times, etc. He has also been the leading researcher of one provincial research project on literary cultural capital, and another three projects sponsored by the “Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities”.



Autobiography Narrative and Identity Metaphor: A Case Study of the Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin. Beijing: University of International Business and Economics Press, 2017.

Selected Articles

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 “‘To Autumn’: A Harmonious and Romantic Chord of Ecofeminism” (co-authored with M.A. supervisor), Foreign Languages and Their Teaching (CSSCI), 2007(6):35-39.