Shi Zhixiang

SHI, Zhixiang

Associate Professor of English

Vice-Dean, Foreign Languages Department

Director, Division of Pharmaceutical English

Member & English Language Reviewer, Editorial Board of China Pharmaceutical University Journal

Phone: +86-25-86185238   Fax: +86-25-86185236

Email 1: shizhixiangcpu@vip.188.com

Email 2: shizhixiang@cpu.edu.cn

SHI  Zhixiang, an associate professor of English, is the vice-dean of Foreign Languages Department and the Head of the Division of Pharmaceutical English. He has  been the chief compiler of China’s national-level textbooks of Pharmaceutical English (4th and 5th editions) since 2010. Besides, he is member of the Editorial Board of China Pharmaceutical University Journal and was, for many years, the chief English language reviewer for CJNM,  SCI-indexed international journal Chinese Journal of Natural Medicines.  As a teacher, Prof. Shi has been working with the undergraduate students of English, the PhD candidates of Pharmaceutical  Sciences and the international students of China Pharmaceutical  University in such key courses as “Interpreting” (since 2003), “How to  Write in English for Publication in SCI-Indexed Pharmaceutical Journals”  (since 1999) and Jiangsu provincial-level English-taught key course for international students “Chinese Culture” (since 2012). His outstanding  work has brought him a few teaching awards in the past years. He has been undertaking a number of teaching & research projects at the provincial and university levels. His research interests include: theory and practice of translation and interpreting, pharmaceutical English,  English terminology, etc.

Photo taken in the University of Minnesota in 2014

Published in 2016   Chief Compiler: Shi Zhixiang

Published in 2016    Chief Compiler: Shi Zhixiang