Teaching and Research Division of Pharmaceutical English

    Teaching and Research Division of Pharmaceutical English was established in 2009 based on the former Teaching and Research Section of Pharmaceutical English, with the major responsibility to carry out teaching and research work related to English for pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences.

    As a distinguishing division in Foreign Languages Department of China Pharmaceutical University, it is featured by its multidisciplinary involvement. It is currently home to six faculty members, including one associate professor and five lecturers, all with education background in English linguistics & literature and/or pharmaceutical sciences.

    It offers such courses as English-Chinese Interpreting (English majors), Pharmaceutical English (English and non-English majors), Terminology of English for Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences (English majors), English for International Academic Communication (PhD Students), Chinese Culture (international students), GMP Training Workshop (international students) and Pharmaceutical Chinese (international students). In recent years, great efforts have been made to construct course cluster of pharmaceutical English, aiming at an overall improvement of students’ listening, speaking, reading and writing skills of pharmaceutical English.

    Headed by Prof. Shi Zhixiang, faculty in the Division of Pharmaceutical English have long been involved in the compiling of the national-level textbook of Pharmaceutical English, which has been used as the nationwide recommended textbook for the teaching of pharmaceutical English in Chinese universities with pharmaceutical programs.

    Besides pharmaceutical English, faculty in this division are also quite active in conducting their own research in such areas as translation and interpretation of pharmaceutical English, terminology of English for pharmaceutical sciences as well as international pharmaceutical registration. They have undertaken 2 provincial-level and 3 university-level projects and have published more than 40 papers in provincial- and national-level journals. With the support from Foreign Languages Department, the Division of Pharmaceutical English also actively participates in cooperation with famous pharmaceutical enterprises, providing a platform for students to apply their knowledge into practical work and to gain precious experience in pharmaceutical industry before graduation. All members of the young and vigorous team will adhere to the pharmacy-oriented approach to the teaching and research of English and make further contribution to the construction and development of the Pharmacy-oriented Program of English of China Pharmaceutical University.

Head of the division: Associate Professor Shi Zhixiang