Nang Honghan

Nang, Honghan

Associate Professor of English

Foreign Languages Department

Phone: 025-83271026

Email: Nanghonghan@163.com

Research Summary

He is interested in linguistics and applied linguistics and has published over 10 books and some articles. Now, his research focuses on pragmatics and sociolinguistics. In these two branches of linguistics, great importance is attached to the actual use of language. Take sociolinguistics as an example. It studies the relationship between language and society, especially how social factors influence ones language use. Accordingly, the courses he offers are mainly in this field. Some of the courses he has offered go as follows: Linguistics (for English Majors), Sociolinguistics (for English Majors), Extensive Reading (for English Majors), Writing (for English Majors), and English (for M. S. Students).


1990-1992English, Beijing Normal University

1986-1990B.A.,  English, Fuyang Teachers’College

Academic Experience

 2013- Associate Professor of English, China Pharmaceutical University

 1999-2013Associate Professor of English, Hefei University of Technology

Awards and Honors

 2014 Supervisor of the Second-Prize Winner, Excellent Undergraduate Graduation Papers of Jiangsu Province

 2010   Supervisor of the Third-Prize Winner, Excellent Undergraduate Graduation Papers of Jiangsu Province



1. Li, C. G., Nang, H.H. (李长庚,曩洪汉), 2013《英语常用同义词近义词辨析词典》(第3版),上海:东华大学出版社

2. Nang, H.H., Li, C. G. (曩洪汉,李长庚), 2013,《英语语法(初中版),上海:东华大学出版社,

3. Nang, H.H., Li, C. G. (曩洪汉,李长庚), 2012《英语常用同义词近义词辨析词典》,  上海:东华大学出版社

4. Nang, H.H., Li, C. G. (曩洪汉,李长庚), 2012,《中学英语语法》,上海:东华大学出版社

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6. Nang, H.H. (曩洪汉 副主编), 2008,《大学英语泛听》第一册,北京:北京外语教学与研究出版社

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Papers and Articles

1. Nang, H.H. (曩洪汉)2005 “浅议语域理论在精读教学中的运用  《合肥工业大学学报》(社会科学版)06

2. Fan, L.Y., Nang, H.H. (范连义,曩洪汉)2005 “大学非英语专业英语语音教学实践调查报告《西安外国语学院学报》04

3. Sun, C. P., Nang, H.H., Liu, X. B.(孙超平,曩洪汉,刘心报等)2004 “对增强学术期刊英文摘要客观性的探讨《合肥工业大学学报》01