Teaching and Research Division of Postgraduate English

  Teaching and Research Division of Postgraduate English provides English education to non-English majors across the university at the graduate level. In each academic year, the program offers courses in English listening, speaking, reading, writing and translation, geared specifically toward improving students’ language proficiency for graduate study and professional development. In recent years, we added courses on English for International Conference, academic English writing and translation to our curriculum, aiming at polishing students’ English skills necessary to communicate effectively in academic settings.

    We have five full-time faculty members, including two associate professors and three lecturers, all with advanced degrees in English language and literature, and years of experience teaching the English language. The teachers have individually won some awards for their teaching, and collectively, the faculty was granted the “Achievement Award in Teaching” by the provincial government and China Pharmaceutical University. Apart from teaching, the faculty members spend a good portion of their time researching and publishing in their fields of study. In recent years, they published more than 10 academic papers in English language and literature as well as language teaching. All faculty members have received funding from the university or the provincial government for their research. Four received fellowship for non-degree programs in English-speaking countries. 

Head of the division: Associate Professor Jiang Dehong