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Foreign Languages Department

    The Foreign Languages Department (FLD) is a vigorous and thriving team of teaching and scientific research. Ever since its establishment in 2000, it has been attaching equal importance to teaching and scientific research, with particular importance to the teaching reform and course construction. It now has 74 staff members including 66 full-time faculty, 3 professors, 17 associate professors, 46 lecturers, 1 young and middle-aged backbone English teacher of the Ministry of Education and 2 university-level excellent teachers. All the young teachers hold Master’s degrees. 6 teachers hold PhD degrees and some are studying for their PhD degrees. More than twenty of the teachers have been abroad for their further education.

    FLD has a well-structured team of teachers, who undertake all the teaching tasks of foreign languages concerning PhD candidates, master-level students and undergraduates in over 30 courses altogether. In recent years, teachers of the Foreign Language Department have successively attained 5 provincial-level and university-level prizes for excellent teaching achievements and 3 provincial-level and university-level excellent and key courses. In terms of scientific research, teachers of the Foreign Language Department have undertaken various projects of all levels, published over 200 theses and nearly 70 textbooks of different types and other books. The Foreign Languages Department has 1 English reading room, 12 multimedia language laboratories and 1 satellite TV system with complete functions and supportive facilities, providing effective guarantee for teaching and scientific research.

(Photographed by: Shi Zhixiang)