Liu Lu



 China Pharmaceutical University

 Liu Lu earned her M.A. Degree in English language and literature from Nanjing University in 2007. Currently a lecturer of English at China Pharmaceutical University, she has designed and taught undergraduate courses in British and American Literature, and co-taught graduate courses in academic writing and international communication. Dedicated to her teaching career, Liu Lu has been the recipient of several teaching awards at China Pharmaceutical University. Under the sponsorship of the Fulbright Program, she visited St. Edward’s University in the United States as a foreign language teaching assistant during the school year 2012-2013. She is now engaged in studying contemporary American fiction, and has published articles in Contemporary Foreign Literature and New Perspectives in World Literature among others. Liu Lu is also the translator of Sexuality: A Very Short Introduction (Yilin Press, 2015), Documentary Film: A Very Short Introduction (Yilin University Press, 2017) and three other books.