Yin Li

Yin Li

Lecturer of Foreign Languages Department



 M.A. in Foreign & Applied Linguistics, College of Foreign Languages, Shanghai Maritime University, 2009.

 B.A. in English Language and Culture, College of English Studies, Xian International Studies University, 2002.

Teaching Courses:

 College EnglishⅠ,College EnglishⅡ, College English Ⅲ, College English Ⅳ

Research Interests:

 Translation Theory and Practice, Chinese Classics Translation Studies, Chinese Medical Classics Translation Studies, Chinese Medical Cultures Global Dissemination Evaluation

Research Projects:

1 Ministerial-level Project: Humanities and Social Science Research Fund of National Ministry of Education (launched 2016, on-going)

3 Provincial-level Projects: Jiangsu Social Science Fund (launched 2016, on-going);  JiangsuKey Project of Social Science Applied Research (launched 2015, completed ); Jiangsu Philosophy and Social Science ResearchProject (launched 2015, completed )

3 University-level Projects(launched 2013/2017/2017, completed)

Selected Articles:

  “Overseas Reception of English Versions of Traditional Chinese Medicine Classics Rendered by Chinese Translators and Its ImplicationsTakingLibrary of Chinese Classics English Version ofHuang Di Nei Jing as the Case, Journal of Foreign Languages (CSSCI, 2017, Vol.40, No.533-43.

 “On the Overseas Translation and Communication Model of Huang Di Nei Jing and Chinese Medical Culture’sGoing-out,Journal of PLA University of Foreign Languages (CSSCI), 2017, Vol.40, No.653-61.

 “ American Academic Publications Function in the Overseas Dissemination of Chinese Scientific Classics, Publishing Research (CSSCI), 2017, No.4:87-90.

  “The Reflection on Chinese ClassicsOverseas Publication: A Case Study of Publications of Library of Chinese Classics and British Penguin Classics,View on Publishing(CSSCI), 2017, No.8 :55-57.

 “The Difference of Perspectives in the Translation Criticism:A Study Based on Wang Guoweis and Lin Yutangs Translation Criticisms on Ku Hung-Mings Translation of Zhongyong,Foreign Languages Research(CSSCI), 2014, No.4 :88-92.

Academic Activities: 

 Visiting scholar to Western Kentucky University (US) (2014-2015)(sponsored by China Scholarship Council);

Jiangsu senior visiting scholar at the College of Foreign Languages, Nanjing Normal University (2009-2010)